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This page gives a fully searchable list of pubs showing NFL games. There now is a wide array of pubs that show NFL weekly. If you are a big NFL fan and you're looking for a pub to watch NFL in you have come to the right place. Check out some of the best pubs showing NFL below. If you want a pub with an outdoor screen here's a list of the best pubs with outdoor screens.

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American football (or hand egg) is now a widely followed sport in Ireland. The Irish NFL fans are very loyal to their teams and will be seen shouting them on in the pub every game. It can be difficult to find a great pub which attracts NFL fans. Well, my friend, have solved that problem for you. We have travelled across the length and breadth of Ireland to make sure we can provide the very best pubs for you and your mates to enjoy the NFL and every other sport you could ever want to watch. If you're lined up for Sunday football but you want to find some good food to link up with the great action. Don't worry, I got you. Here's a list of some of the best pubs serving food. You can thank us later.

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