Pubs Showing Irish Premier Division

Here is a list of pubs in Ireland showing SSE Airtricity League. Click on any pubs profile to see just what they have to offer you. If your looking for the best pubs to watch the football we have you covered. Here's a link to the best pubs in Ireland for football. 

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SSE Airtricity League

The SSE Airtricity League is a must-watch for anyone who has just come over to Ireland. The pubs on game day are awash with fans shouting on their team. The passion that SSE Airticity fans have is renowned. Whether its Cork City, Shamrock Rovers or even Dundalk, you will find a fantastic pub to watch the game in if you haven't decided to head to the stadium. We have done the hard work for you so don't worry about ringing ahead to see if the game is on. MatchPint is your best mate when it comes to sport. Do you know what goes well with an Airtricity game? Some great Irish pub grub. Don't go opening Google just yet. Do we have a list of pubs serving food? Yes, yes we do. Here is a list of pubs serving food. You're guaranteed to get some quality pub grub. Enjoy the food and enjoy the game.

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