Pubs Showing Heineken Champions Cup

Rugby and Ireland go hand in hand. A weekend evening spent down the local with your mates to watch the Heineken Champions Cup is truly an evening well spent. We here at MatchPint have got you covered for all things Rugby. Want to see some of Ireland's best pubs to watch rugby in. As always, MatchPint has got you covered. Here is a handy list of Ireland's best rugby pubs.

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Heineken Champions Cup

As Ireland's No.1 sports pub finder, we know a thing or two about good pubs. We know you. You want to find a great pub to watch a bit of rugby in. That can be quite a difficult challenge. Rugby is on both BT and Sky so there's a good chance you will need help to find a great pub to watch the match in. The Champions Cup is ferocious competition. Both Munster and Leinster have tasted success. You are guaranteed to find a popular rugby bar on MatchPint where you can experience the raw emotion of the locals shouting on their team. Is the sun splitting the stones? You want an outdoor screen for you and your mates to enjoy while sipping on some Clonmel chardonnay? We've got you. Here's a list of some of the best pubs with outdoor screens so you can truly take in the joy of watching European rugby in the local.

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