Pubs Showing English FA Cup

Here is a list of pubs in Ireland showing FA Cup games. Click on any pubs profile to see just what they have to offer you. If your looking for the best pubs to watch football we have you covered. Here's a link to the best pubs in Ireland for football.

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English FA Cup

The Fa Cup is one of the oldest stables in English Football. It gives hope to smaller clubs to make the fight to have that epic moment in Wembly. Many of the big teams have won multiple FA Cups but that doesn't stop fans flocking to the pub to cheer on their team. There is a wide range of awesome bars to bring your mates to and enjoy some epic clashes. Check out any pub profile to not only see what the are showing all week but also see have they any tasty offers for you and your mates. Sun's splitting the stones? Fancy a bar with a beer garden to enjoy the sun? Don't worry I got you. Check out this list of bars with beer gardens so you can truly enjoy the football. Always remember, MatchPint has you covered for all things sport.

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