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On this page you will find an extensive list of pubs across Ireland showing NFL. Click on a pubs profile to see just what they have to offer you and all your mates. If your in Dublin, check out this list of some of the best pubs in Dublin

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American Football

Who doesn't love a game of hand egg? I'd be careful calling it that around your American friends. American Football is slowly becoming a staple for Irish sports fans. The likes of Notre Dame have had games in Dublin where a massive crowd went to watch it live. I know you. You want an atmospheric venue to go to to watch a bit of Redzone. Pubs are now showing more American football than ever before. Redzone is the Sunday special for must pubs. Check out some of the pubs below to see what lies ahead of a great night of sporting action. Do you know what goes perfect with a bit of American football? Good quality grub. You won't believe this. We indeed have a list for this. What would you do without us? Here's a list of some great pubs serving food.

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