Pubs & Bars

The Woolshed Baa & Grill


From Cork to Whoop Whoop, Woolshed has become a meeting place for people to come and chat through the one true universal language, “SPORT”. With every sport under the sun on 1 of 17 screens, weekly promotions, Pub Quiz to get the brain pumping, Music Bingo to test your wits and voice, Aussie beers and great food, how can you second guess?

The Dáil Bar


Your local pub in the heart of Galway city! A friendly welcome, delicious food, award winning cocktails, exclusive whiskeys, late bar & music nightly.

Abercorn Bar


Great bar in Derry with a great reputation for excellent customer service, good chat, and a cracking pint.

The Curragower


A wellknown landmark in the City, the Curragower is believed to be one of the city’s oldest bars with some historians citing its establishment as far back as the late 1700′s, originally serving as a sibin for local farmers and fisherman alike. The bar is named after the ‘Curragower Falls’, an impressive natural waterfall on the river Shannon. The falls owe their name to the early farmers who used the falls as a crossing point for their goats at low tide. Hence the gaelic words annexed ‘curragh’ and ‘gabhar’ ,which respectively mean ‘crossing’ and ‘goat’, and were later anglisized to form its contemporary form ; Curragower….

South's Pub


Souths Pub is run by the Hickey Family. Bespoke modern interiors and friendly surroundings make it an ideal location to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere.

Camden Exchange


Pop in for some great cocktails and some even better sport